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Museum of Traffic Control


Welcome to the wonderful hobby of traffic signal and road sign collecting! My name is John (aka: Signalfan), and I have had an interest in traffic control devices for most of my life. Over the years, I've collected  many of the different types to create a virtual museum of signals and signs. At present, I have over 100 traffic signals and more than 500 road signs in my collection. Many examples are pictured here, so relax and enjoy the exhibits!

This site is devoted to the unusual hobby of legally collecting old, retired traffic signals and road signs. It is a way of preserving the past and to restore to life the traffic control devices that have helped shape our modern world. Hopefully, the information contained here can help people to gain a better understanding as to the differences, as well as the similarities and standards of design and practice. Plus, signals and signs are just plain fun to collect and display!

If you are interested in viewing the different styles and varieties of signals from around the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, please check out my "Traffic Signal Pictures" pages on my other website "Traffic". Also, if you are interested in seeing some of the signals that pioneered traffic control during the early 20th century, check out the "Historical Signals" page.

Another way to get great information, is by joining the Signalfan Club. The club is open to anyone with an e-mail address interested in traffic signals, road signs, and other traffic control devices. It's a great forum to discuss collecting as well. Check it out! Just be sure to include your e-mail address in the "request to join" form to be accepted.


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Traffic Signals and More

This page is a more detailed look into the wonderful world of traffic signals. Includes a collection of photos of signals around the country and world!


This page showcases my personal railroad signal, sign & lantern collection and provides links and photos for those interested in railroad traffic control devices.


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