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What's New?

07-24-11- Added TCT ped signal to Vehicular Signals section.

09-04-10- Deleted dead and revised outdated links on Links page.

12-29-08- Added 101st signal... Crouse Hinds 12" Art Deco.

12-31-07- Created "Inside Wiley" page with documents including an original wiring schematic and a newspaper article with facinating information on the public auction in 1957 selling the last 20 signals!

12-01-07- added 100th signal... a Darley 12 lamp 4-way signal!!

09-22-07- Took inventory today and have exactly 99 signals!...Number 100 to come soon...stay tuned!!

07-09-06- Updated main page with new pics of the MOTC.

07-08-06- Added GE Streamline signal  to "Vehicular Signals" section.

07-07-06- Added Harrington Seaberg 3-way signal  to "Vehicular Signals" section.

01-01-06- Added Marbelite "art deco" signal to "Vehicular Signals" section.

09-25-05- Museum of Traffic Control moves into it's new 1,400 sq. ft. space in the basement and under the outside deck of our home in Pella, Iowa.

09-21-05- Signal museum moves out of Fullerton, Ca. to a new location in Iowa.

03-27-05- General updates to site and layout.

03-26-05- Added 8" Marbelite and Winko Matic ped signal to the site.

02-06-05- Added Wiley signal to "Vehicular Signals" section.

08-06-04- General updates to site and layout.

04/10/04- Added Econolite KFT1800 to "Solid-State-Controllers" section.

01/11/04- Added Southern Autoflow 4-way signal.

01/01/04- Added TSI 12-8-8 combo signal.

12/13/03- Added restored Marbelite 4-way signal.

11/29/03- Added Marbelite 12" signal.

10/11/03- Added new folding sign and 3M pedestrian signal to site.

09/14/03- Added a few more photos to several sections.

08/31/03- Darley 4-way beacon added to "Vehicular Signals" section.

07/29/03- Crouse-Hinds KS-2 added to Electromechanical Controllers section.

07/15/03- Added new collector link: Francis's Traffic Signal Collection

06/01/03- Added photos of new 332 cabinet and updated photos of NEMA TS1 cabinet.

01/18/03- Added newer Crouse-Hinds and incandescent symbol ICC ped to Pedestrian signals section.  Also added Winko-Matic beacon and newer Crouse-Hinds signal to "Vehicular Signals" section. New link added.

02/18/03- Added new collector link: my crazy hobby.

01/11/03- Added 5 light combo signal to "Vehicular Signals" section.

12/26/02- Audible pedestrian signal added to "Misc. Signals" section.

12/25/02- Greek Signal added to "Vehicular signals" category.

12/09/02- Crouse Hinds DM-200 added to controller inventory.

11/08/02-Poll added to main page.  "What's New" page added.

11/06/02-Controller Inventory page added.


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